Feel Better, Lose Weight By Ditching These Five Food Items

Feel Better, Lose Weight By Ditching These Five Food Items


Do you have a couple of glasses of wine with your meals or snack on sweets during the day? Alcohol and frequent snacking can add up to a substantial amount of calories and easily pack on pounds. Many people follow low fat diets that include foods like pasta and whole wheat bread. However, high carbohydrate meals that include rice, bread, and pasta, can increase insulin levels, stimulate your appetite, and leave you feeling tired and lethargic.

How would you like to lose weight and increase your energy level without the stress of counting calories or embarking on another fad diet? Consider this thirty day challenge. Try eliminating the following five food items for thirty days. This is an inexpensive and simple method to help you shed some pounds without unhealthy diets or counting calories.

Keep a journal for thirty days to monitor your beginning weight, your daily food intake, and note your energy…

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Try This One Simple Thing To Motivate You To Workout Harder

What motivates you! Don’t you love it when you find that one song that drives you to push a little harder, run a little faster, and squeeze out that last rep on the weight rack…

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Circuit Train

Circuit Train

It’s important to circuit training to include all the components of a well balanced workout. This will improve your fitness level and help prevent injuries.

Today’s Circuit:  Back/ Legs

3 mile run- Cardio


Strength -4 Sets 10-12 reps

Pull ups, Squats, Deadlfts, lunges


Flexibility -Yoga- 20 minutes