Make Each Day Count


Life passes by in a flash and there is nothing we can do to slow it down. Learn to appreciate the small things that bring you joy. Make each day count by practicing kindness, patience,and compassion


Learn to let go of anger, regrets, and resentment.

Determine what’s important to you by setting priorities. It’s not about the job, impressing others, social media, or material items; none of that will matter in the end. It’s about learning to savor the moment, making wonderful memories, and celebrating each day with those you love.

Five Steps To Reach Your Goals


Image_thumb.jpgDo you want to lose a couple of pounds, improve your health,  or maybe change careers? Get rid of the all or nothing attitude.  How many times have you started a new diet, a new exercise program, or attempted to learn a new skill just to give it up a week later? This type of behavior makes it difficult to be successful attempting new endeavors or attaining goals.

It can be overwhelming to change behaviors that move us out of the comfort zone Psychology Today reports, in the article:

5 Benefits of Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone

Each of us has our own “comfort zone” which, more than an actual place, is a psychological/emotional/ behavioral construct that defines the routine of our daily life. Being in one’s comfort zone implies familiarity, safety, and security. It describes the patterned world of our existence, keeps us relatively comfortable and…

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Bullet Proof Coffee- My New Love

Bullet Proof Coffee- My New Love

I’ve known about bullet proof coffee for the last several years. I’ve tried it a couple of times and thought it was good but too much trouble to make. I recently purchased some organic coconut oil and thought I would give it another try.  I brewed my usual two cups of coffee in the coffee maker and decided to try to blend the bullet proof concoction in my Nutribullet.  (You can use a regular blender)



2 cups of brewed coffee

1 tbsp of organic coconut oil

1 tbsp of grass-fed butter

1 tsp cinnamon

Place all ingredients in the blender- Blend until frothy and pour




Triangle Pose and Extended Side Angle- (two of my favorite poses)

It’s amazing that no matter how many times you practice yoga it continues to be a challenge. It never gets easy. That’s probably what made me fall in love with the practice.  I remember when I first started yoga fifteen years ago; I was intimidated because of my lack of flexibility.  But, I had no idea though how beneficial it was for the mind-body and soul!  It improves balance, strength, and flexibility and challenges you to use your mind like no other workout.  Consider trying a class or simply purchasing a beginner DVD. It will be one of the best decisions you ever make 🙂

Boost Your Health With This Easy Dish



Organic Veggie Soup



One Carton of organic Chicken broth

Bag of frozen organic peas and carrots

Cup of organic celery and onions

Sliced avocado

Put in crock pot and cook approximately 2-3 hours.


Yum delicious, easy meal!!