Enlighten Through Journaling


Do you count calories?  Perhaps your goal is 1500 but your actual intake is 2000. Could that be the reason your clothes are tighter?  Are you having trouble building lean muscle?  Do you have a clue as to how much protein you get on a daily basis?  Or is your sodium intake off the charts and your blood pressure elevated?

Most people eat mindlessly without thinking about the quality of their food choices. Why not take the time to journal your food intake for one week. I bet you’ll be surprised how writing down your snacks and meals helps you to pay more attention to your food choices.  This makes you much more likely to consider the foods you are putting in your body.  What have you got to lose?  You may actually embark on a new journey to better health.

Check out my article Health and Fitness Apps to help get you started.

Our Struggle With Comparison, Aging & Perfection!



In our world today you can purchase implants and liposuction to create the perfect body. Furthermore,  you can reshape your features to get the perfect nose and enhanced lips. But you can’t stop there, ultimately  you’ll want to defy aging with a facelift and Botox.

Young girls are getting breast implants at a younger age and some parents are even buying them for graduation gifts??? I mean really, what kind of message does that send?

But why stop there when your dentist can give you the perfect smile. You’ll also need designer clothing, and perhaps  a luxury car and bigger home. That has to lead to happiness, right? Or maybe an inflated ego and empty bank account.

We all struggle with aging, body image, social status, and competition. Unfortunately, our insecurities, our comparisons, our drive to be better is passed on to our children and future generations.

We all get older; no one can escape aging. Even  those blessed with stunning good looks or hefty…

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No Excuses, Eat Healthy On A Budget


chronic disease

Would you like to eat better and improve your health, but find it too expensive for your food budget? Many people are tempted by the cheap and convenient foods that are strategically displayed in high visibility areas in grocery stores. What makes matters worse, is these items are often “on sale” or priced “buy one, get one free.” However, don’t be fooled. If you take a look at the ingredient list on these items, you’ll find you don’t recognize and can’t pronounce half of the ingredients. Do you really want to put that junk into your body? Purchasing fresh fruits, vegetables, and lean cuts of meat can be expensive and a challenge to buy on a limited income. However, by making a few simple changes to your weekly grocery list, you can improve your diet without emptying your wallet.

The following food staples are inexpensive and are a great way…

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Feel Better, Lose Weight By Ditching These Five Food Items

Feel Better, Lose Weight By Ditching These Five Food Items


Do you have a couple of glasses of wine with your meals or snack on sweets during the day? Alcohol and frequent snacking can add up to a substantial amount of calories and easily pack on pounds. Many people follow low fat diets that include foods like pasta and whole wheat bread. However, high carbohydrate meals that include rice, bread, and pasta, can increase insulin levels, stimulate your appetite, and leave you feeling tired and lethargic.

How would you like to lose weight and increase your energy level without the stress of counting calories or embarking on another fad diet? Consider this thirty day challenge. Try eliminating the following five food items for thirty days. This is an inexpensive and simple method to help you shed some pounds without unhealthy diets or counting calories.

Keep a journal for thirty days to monitor your beginning weight, your daily food intake, and note your energy…

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