You eat healthy, but is your shampoo making you fat?

Watching what you eat is essential for good health and avoiding weight gain. There is more and more research that suggests that toxins in our food are linked to obesity, poor health and disease. Fast food contains numerous chemicals designed to preserve food that are harmful and that overload the kidneys and liver with toxins. The lower quality meat in most fast food products is often injected with hormones and pesticides which affects metabolism and can lead to increased body fat. Our children are being exposed to more and more toxins at an early age setting them up for weight problems, disease and poor health. Think about the effect these toxins have on their bodies; and their underdeveloped kidneys and liver. Therefore, promoting good food choices at an early age is essential to help limit toxic exposure in our children, and to teach them the importance of healthy eating habits.

But what about what we put on our hair; our skin? The chemicals in our hair and skin care products are called phthalates. These chemicals are linked to hormone disruption, obesity, infertility, and disease. Additionally, recent research reports phthalates are producing female characteristics in male species. Phthalates are found in detergents, air fresheners, soaps, lotions, nail polish, shampoos and other personal care.

Therefore, it’s important to pay attention to the ingredients in our food and personal care products for our health and our children’s health. Consider natural and organic when it comes to food and personal care products to decrease exposure to toxins.



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