Preconceived Ideas can Limit your Potential; Give Yoga a Try!



I remember the attitude I had regarding yoga when I first started in the fitness industry. I was into all the hard core classes, high intensity cardio such as boot camp and highly choreographed step classes; I had no desire to ever attempt a “boring yoga class”.   I had preconceived ideas about the people that practiced and taught yoga.  I thought the “Yogi’s”, the term associated with those who lived and breathed yoga,  were all extremely flexible and that they all sat around chanting their mantras in some weird sort of way.  Most of the poses I had seen that were associated with the practice were advanced ones that looked so unattainable, that I dismissed the idea of ever attempting a yoga class.

I’ve learned over the years that preconceived ideas are limiting and can prevent us from experiencing a full life.  Luckily I had a job as a group fitness coordinator at a local gym and the owner wanted to…

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