Cross training is important for overall fitness and to prevent injury



Cross training is a great way to improve overall fitness and performance. If you do repetitive activities over an extended period of time, you have an increased risk of developing an overuse injury. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional athlete, a runner, a bodybuilder, stay at home mom or even a retiree; you need to cross train. Variety in your training helps prevent fitness plateaus, muscle imbalances and helps you stay motivated with your workouts. Your work, lifestyle factors, and/or recreational activities may affect your overall health and wellness.

A factory job with constant bending can lead to back issues; a computer programer may develop carpal tunnel syndrome due to repetitive keyboard use. Sports and fitness enthusiasts such as runners may have to have knee replacements due to repetitive pounding of the joints; pitchers may end up with shoulder replacements after years of pitching. These repetitive activities can…

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