What’s On Your Plate?

It’s Monday. This can be the beginning of real change in your body, your health, your quality of life. It starts with good nutrition. Follow these guidelines for building the perfect plate. Make sure each meal and snack contain a healthy protein choice, complex carbs and healthy fats. This plays a big part in stabilizing your blood sugar and controlling your appetite. Superfood-Plate2joshaxe

Dr. Josh Axe, an expert in Natural Medicine and a Certified Nutrition Specialist, recommends:

A clean eating meal plan consists of eating mostly plant-based fresh foods along with adequate amounts of quality protein and healthy fats. What’s on your plate?  Make selections from each category- Vegetables (40 %), Protein (30 %), Healthy Fat (15 %), Carbs (15 %)


8 thoughts on “What’s On Your Plate?

    • These are great guidelines for a healthy diet even if you are looking to gain, focus on healthy foods that have more calories. Ex Potatoes, nuts, (almond butter), avocado, lean meat etc. You can also consider supplementing with organic all natural protein shakes and smoothies to add calories to your diet. Take a look at your workouts. You may want to decrease cardio and focus more on weight training.

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