What? You Can Afford A Mani/Pedi But Not A Gym Membership?



I’ve been in the health and fitness industry for over 30 years. Needless to say, I’ve heard countless excuses over the years. “I can’t afford a gym membership,” I can’t afford to eat healthy,”I can’t afford a personal trainer,” and the list goes on and on. My response:

HOW MUCH DO YOU VALUE YOUR HEALTH? You can afford a $200 dollar haircut or pay $100 dollars for a  Mani/Pedi , but you can’t afford  a monthly gym membership or a personal trainer?





We all know exercise makes you feel better and look better. It improves your self-image, builds lean muscle, improves heart health and lowers your risk for disease.  Furthermore, I’d much rather look good in a pair of leggings than sport a perfect manicure. I mean what do people notice about you first? It’s not your nails.


The point I’m making is, it’s not about treating yourself to manicures, pedicures, or going to the hair salon. It’s important to take care  of yourself physically and mentally; and getting your nails done or a new haircut is a great way to unwind, relax and improve your self-image. And guys, you are guilty too! Maybe you can pass up the big screen tv and instead use that money for a trainer or a martial arts class.


Image RE: munhwaexperience.wordpress.com/tag/martial-arts-cartoon/



It all boils down to looking at your budget and assigning value to what’s important in your life.

Perhaps you can do your own pedicures at home. Who knows, maybe you can even pass up the Jimmy Choo bag or shoes this month.




It’s all about priorities. And I put my health at the top of the list!


8 thoughts on “What? You Can Afford A Mani/Pedi But Not A Gym Membership?

  1. Excuses excuses! You don’t even need a gym membership to work out… with all the at home work out ideas, challenges, you tube videos, blogs, etc… it’s so easy to work out at home or I always stress go outside. Parks are free. I understand that it’s kind of weather permitting but you can go there. Also- I am not sure about all insurances or employers but every company I’ve worked for, health insurance covers a portion if not all of the gym membership. My rant is over. Love your blog!

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  2. This article is on point, I watch so many people wearing the top of the line gym outfit downtown but claim they cannot afford a gym membership. They eat hot ready pizza for five dollars twenty times a month but cannot afford a gym membership. They want instant results, they want to buy there results at Wal-Mart not go to gym and earn it.

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