Waiting To Bloom


I see the white flag of surrender; I finally make peace with my life, my body, my face, my soul. The years leading up to this are riddled with struggle, self-doubt, and internal warfare. A battle that ends with the agonizing discovery- that I am the enemy.

I relinquish control to my ego and seek approval in all the wrong places. The repetition of my internal dialogue screams; I’m not pretty enough, smart enough, or thin enough.

This incessant list becomes a futile search for approval beyond my grasp. The heartache and pain are my perpetual nightmare that plays out every night and into the next day.

Sadly. the confidence I seek to stop this madness comes with a price; precious time. I finally realize that my struggle was a maturation process, required to yield the ultimate beauty and full bloom of the flower. It was well worth the wait.

Patricia Mitchell


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