Mindful Eating- 10 Simple Ways To Celebrate Your Meals

Photo Credit Adriana Woodward


Food is a large part of our lives. It should be enjoyed and celebrated. How often do you grab a doughnut or go through the drive- thru and scarf down a burger and fries before you get home. Do you find yourself at work eating doughnuts at your desk and before you know it, you’ve eaten more calories than you should be eating for the entire day.. It’s no wonder we have issues with food. We eat way too fast before our brain has time to register what going on… and we wonder why we walk away still hungry and unsatisfied.

Learn to slow down and enjoy each meal with these 10 simple tips:

  1. Plan your meals– Search for recipes and make a grocery list- explore new foods, herbs, spices.
  2. Make your plate beautiful- Prepare lots of colorful fruits and veggies. Use your best china. Many people save their best china for special occasions. Make every meal special. Sit at the table. Put flowers out, light candles- make it a celebration!.
  3. Turn off the television, take a break from your phone– It’s hard to be mindful and tune into your meals when on social media, watching television  or texting. Put your phone away and turn the TV off.
  4. Take time before your meal to be thankful– Take a moment before meals to think about how lucky you are to have a roof over your head and food to eat. There are many less fortunate who don’t.
  5. Chew your food– Don’t gulp your food down. Slow down and chew it completely.
  6. Take small bites– Use a fork and knife and cut small pieces.
  7. Really taste it. Savor the smell, the taste, the texture.
  8. Enjoy a glass of wine– If you like wine, experiment with different types and explore and research pairing your wine with different foods.
  9. Make it a celebration– We all love celebrations. Make this family time or just time alone to relax, unwind and enjoy your meal. Make your meal something to look forward to everyday.
  10. Don’t rush it!- Take time to cook! Get the family involved cutting up veggies, setting the table and then tune into mindful eating. As you experience the wonderful meal you prepared, think about all you have in your life to be grateful for!


'Dear, what if tonight I add watercress, sorrel and purslane to our salad
‘Dear, what if tonight I add watercress, sorrel and purslane to our salad



9 thoughts on “Mindful Eating- 10 Simple Ways To Celebrate Your Meals

  1. You are so right! The joy of food has been completely lost in our hectic modern-day lives. I think eating disorders come from not being in touch with our bodies and not getting any genuine joy from sitting down to share a meal.


  2. I feel like I’ve accomplished this in spades for my nighttime meals, but any ideas for creating this space when eating while working? The lunchroom vibe isn’t really helping with mindfulness or stress.


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