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Things That Should No Longer Impress You


As you get older you realize that trying to impress others with material items, status, etc is a way of seeking happiness but in reality leaves us empty. Compassion for others, love for family and friends is what truly matters… (collecting moments not things) That’s the key to happiness.

I love this article on the  7 things that shouldn’t impress us anymore




Author: @fitone

Health and Fitness Expert, Certified Les Mills instructor, Yoga, Boot Camp, weight training and Pilates instructor

6 thoughts on “Things That Should No Longer Impress You

  1. I could not agree with this list more!!

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  2. Believe me the older you get, you start realizing the importance or lack thereof of many things

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  3. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    We really enjoy reading your blog and decided to feature it on here –>
    “21 Must-Follow Self-Improvement Blogs”


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