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Red Wine Burns Fat And Lowers Blood Pressure?


For some reason the headline Red Wine Burns Fat And Lowers Blood Pressure, Plus 5 Other Health Benefits For Winos caught my eye. I recently started drinking red wine with my evening meals and must say I’m really enjoying the experience. Something about adding wine to a meal makes it a special occasion25162_386180887117_1556317_n.

I’ve always preferred eating my calories rather than drinking them; I really enjoy food. I mean why waste calories on drinks, right? Wine averages around 100-200 calories per glass.  Needless to say, I normally have water with my meals.

Once I started reading more about the benefits of red wine, I decided to experiment and have an occasional glass with my evening meals. Could this cause weight gain? Would I end up enjoying it a little too much?

I’ve found that I actually slow down and enjoy my meals much more when I have a glass of wine with dinner and I don’t eat as much food. I also find myself planning and looking forward to my evening meals. I’m not sure about the claims of fat burning or lower blood pressure but I’m fine with eating less and looking forward to  experimenting more with wine.

So by now you’ve realized I’m by no means a wine expert but I’m starting to learn some of the basics in regards to a good glass of wine.

Let’s start with the benefits of wine:

RE: Per Samantha Olson –

5 Buzz-Worthy Benefits Of Red Wine:

  1. Memory Protection Against Alzheimer’s Disease: The powerful antioxidant resveratrol protects against cell damage and prevents age-related mental decline.
  2. Mimics Gym Time: Resveratrol is also responsible for heart-healthy benefits, including improved physical performance and muscle strength. It also mimics cardiovascular enhancements similar to exercise. But the benefits are limited, so don’t always trade in your cardio for cabernet.
  3. Cancer Treatment: Researchers aren’t exactly sure how, but another active antioxidant in red wine known as quercetin works against cancer cells, according to the American Cancer Society. It helps to induce natural cell death in certain types of cancers, most often colon cancer.
  4. Promotes Long Life: Red wine drinkers have a 34 percent lower mortality rate than beer or vodka drinkers, according to a 29-year-long study. Resveratrol is the polyphenol that could be responsible for its longevity benefits. But researchers think any diet rich in polyphenols, which are known to protect against the development of chronic diseases — they’re found amply in red wine — could be why.
  5. Lowers Risk Of Heart Disease and Stroke: Red wine tannins, which are what make red wine the color red, contain procyanidins — known for protecting against heart disease. Resveratrol also helps to remove chemicals responsible for causing blood clots, which is the primary cause of coronary disease. A daily dose of red wine cuts blood clot-related stroke rates by 50 percent.

Also, could wine really help with fat loss?  Researchers found that:

when they studied normal weight women for more than a decade, they found that those who drank one to two glasses of red wine a day were 30 percent less likely to be overweight than the nondrinkers. The weight loss connection? It’s how your body digests the wine, Jana Klauer, a New York City physician specializing in nutrition and metabolism, told Cosmopolitan magazine.

“Women make smaller amounts of the enzyme that metabolizes alcohol than men do, so to digest a drink, they have to keep producing it, which requires the body to burn energy,” explained Dr. Klauer.

Alcohol also boosts calorie-burning because of a process called thermogenesis, says Lu Wang, MD, PhD, the lead study author and member of the division of preventive medicine at Boston’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Your body temperature raises when you sip wine, so your body burns more calories.


So how do you select a good quality wine?
Here is a great article on how to select a good wine and what foods to pair it with such as Pinot Noirs with roast chicken or turkey and Cabernets with pasta.

Finding The Right Red Wine


And wine of course can really vary in price, so here are some wines to try that Food & Wine list as the best $15 and under red wine





Author: @fitone

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4 thoughts on “Red Wine Burns Fat And Lowers Blood Pressure?

  1. love this post! I’m a fitness blogger on here too!

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  2. Thanks so much! Look forward to checking out your blog 🙂


  3. For years I have toyed with the idea of having a glass of wine with my evening meal but it hasn’t happened yet. On my kitchen counter I have a bottle of wine I bought five or six years ago and everyday I say to myself, “today is going to be the day I start my evening wine ” and that’s as far as I get. Recently, I bought two new and different wines to go in my small wine rack. Today just might be the day! Kay

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  4. I love doing it about 3 times a week Kay. It makes the meal taste better 🙂


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