Our Struggle With Comparison, Aging & Perfection!


In our world today you can purchase implants and liposuction to create the perfect body. Furthermore,  you can reshape your features to get the perfect nose and enhanced lips. But you can’t stop there, ultimately  you’ll want to defy aging with a facelift and Botox.

Young girls are getting breast implants at a younger age and some parents are even buying them for graduation gifts??? I mean really, what kind of message does that send?

But why stop there when your dentist can give you the perfect smile. You’ll also need designer clothing, and perhaps  a luxury car and bigger home. That has to lead to happiness, right? Or maybe an inflated ego and empty bank account.

We all struggle with aging, body image, social status, and competition. Unfortunately, our insecurities, our comparisons, our drive to be better is passed on to our children and future generations.

We all get older; no one can escape aging. Even  those blessed with stunning good looks or hefty bank accounts to buy ideal features and facelifts, can only go so far.

theartof aging

As a fitness instructor, I understand the challenge of letting go of insecurities and unrealistic expectations. I still find myself at times very critical of my looks, scrutinizing the fine lines- the signs of aging. Even though I’ve been teaching for over 25 years, I still feel compelled to try and perform at the most intense level in my classes.

I consistently struggle to maintain a lean body and my ideal weight as I get older. However, I’m finally learning to let that go and not compare myself with anyone. And I must admit it’s refreshing and helped me to discover what’s really important in my life- family, friends, and helping others.

Competition is exhausting and you will eventually discover, you will never be completely  satisfied with your performance, your looks, your body. There will always be someone better,  stronger, faster, better looking.

So how do you move on and become more at peace with yourself? How do we pass this on to our children?


Work on your self image- Take care of yourself! Lose the concept of perfection but really TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF! That means take care of your skin, your teeth, your hair. Make healthy food choices that will fuel your body and energize your workouts.Drink water to stay hydrated and keep your skin glowing.

Work out consistently! Lift weights to keep your muscles toned and your body strong. Walk, run, dance- anything to challenge your cardiovascular system and to keep your heart healthy and strong. Stretch and find some sort of flexibility training you enjoy. There are countless free videos to choose from online- no excuses.

Find some quiet time to relax or meditate-Find time in every day to  quiet your mind and just breathe. Try to clear your mind and relax your muscles. Use your mind and your breath to release tension in the body. Practice makes perfect. It’s an amazing stress reliever.

Practice Gratitude-Who is really important in your life? Work on your relationships with your family and friends. Learn to enjoy moments, create memories. You will discover over the years that it’s not THINGS that make you happy but it’s those in your life that bring you joy and make your life worth living. Tell your parents, your children, your spouse, your friends- those who you truly cherish in your life, how much they mean to you. Practice really paying attention to their conversations. Put your phone down, turn the TV off- those items will always be there but your loved ones may not.






7 thoughts on “Our Struggle With Comparison, Aging & Perfection!

  1. Also being a woman in the fitness industry, I struggled with all of the same things. It has taken age and wisdom to realize that aesthetics are not the goal. Health and wellness are, and your post captured that wonderfully. Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re welcome! Thank you for supporting my blog, it means a lot to me, especially since we’re about the same age and sounds like we have a lot in common. I love the message of your blog, keep it going!


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