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Eighties Fitness Revisited

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Arnold schwarzenegger bodybuilding 1


I have to admit, I miss the 80s. Check out Arnold in his heyday! Remember the big hair, spandex, thong leotards, sweatbands- those were the days. And who could forget Richard Simmons?




I remember working out at home to Denise Austin’s video Super Stomachs! You gotta watch this clip!

I started teaching aerobic classes in the late eighties. Step was one of the most popular classes. I spent hours creating complicated choreography to teach to my classes.

step class



Gin Miller was one of my favorite fitness icons-Loved her Reebok step videos. I went to her workshops to get step training from one of the best in the fitness field.


Then of course who could forget GILAD?? I worked out with him every morning in my living room.


And remember Olivia Newton John and her workout video Let’s Get Physical?


Now back to the BIG HAIR-

Check out Eighties hair that is so Bad it’s Good!

Here is my sister and me (1987) posing  for a pic after our brother took hours styling our hair!



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