Do You Want to? …Then Just Do It!


Do You Want to Waste Your Life Wishing, Or Live Your Life Doing? – Patricia Mitchell

Do you wish you had another job, a better education,  a healthier lifestyle, a better social life? These things are all within your grasp, but you have to take action. You won’t move closer to your dreams by wishing your life was better. Time has a way of passing us by as we continue to postpone our dreams to another day. Sure, you can always do it tomorrow, next week. or maybe next month would be better.

Take charge of your destiny by writing down you life goals. Prioritize them and then get to work creating a plan. It all starts with determining your goal and then figuring out what specific steps you need to take to make it happen. Follow these steps to set your goals and create your plan for success:

  1. First of all -VISUALIZE YOUR SUCCESS! See yourself reaching your goal and how you will feel when you attain it. You would be surprised how preparing yourself mentally for a task can make a significant difference in your success. Use positive affirmations each day and see yourself moving closer each week towards your goal.
  2. Write down your long-term goal and estimate the time you can expect to meet that goal. For instance if your number one goal is to lose 50 lbs; you can’t expect to reach that goal within a month. A more realistic time frame would be approximately six to eight months since guidelines recommend safe weight loss is around 1-2 lbs per week.
  3. Set short-term weekly goals to help move you in the direction of attaining that goal. With weight loss we know you would most likely need to journal your food intake and make some dietary changes. Therefore make your weekly goals as specific as possible such as I will journal my food intake everyday and will cook all meals at home for the week. If your goal is finding a new job, set a specific goal of spending a specific amount of time putting in resumes several times during the week. Or perhaps determine if you need training and determine what specific steps can be done to move closer to that goal.
  4. Evaluate your progress at the end of each week. Make a checklist of successful measures you have taken and re-evaluate what didn’t work during the week. Then start with fresh short-term goals the following week to help move you closer towards your dream goal. If your goal was weight loss, then weigh yourself at the end of the week and determine if you reached your short term goal of 1-2 pounds. If your goal is a new job, then make note of any inquiries or interviews you’ve received. If you aren’t getting any feedback from resumes, perhaps you need to evaluate your current resume to determine if you need to make changes. Weekly evaluation is key to help you successfully reach your goals by helping you to organize your time and help you improve focus.
  5. Set a time line for a new goal. Once you’ve reached your first goal on the list. Move on to the next and continue with these same steps. Your self confidence and esteem will soar once your realize, it’s not that difficult to make your dreams comes true. You just have to VISUALIZE IT AND THEN GO DO IT!



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