Fitness & Fuel

yogAPOSES“Time and health are two precious assets that we don’t recognize and appreciate until they have been depleted”  Denis Waitley



Body weight squats 25

Jumping Jacks 25

Weighted dead lift 15

Treadmill incline walk 15% incline 2 minutes (walk at challenging pace without using handrails)

Repeat 4x

Pushups 15

Jump lunges 25

Pull-ups 10  (or modify with barbell row)

Treadmill incline run 15 % incline 1 minute

Repeat 4x

Tricep pushup 15

Mountain climbers 25

Plank- 1 minute

Burpees 15

Repeat 4x

Yoga Crow Pose-  30 seconds -see above pic

Dancer Pose- 30 seconds each leg





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