No Excuses, Eat Healthy On A Budget


chronic disease

Would you like to eat better and improve your health, but find it too expensive for your food budget? Many people are tempted by the cheap and convenient foods that are strategically displayed in high visibility areas in grocery stores. What makes matters worse, is these items are often “on sale” or priced “buy one, get one free.” However, don’t be fooled. If you take a look at the ingredient list on these items, you’ll find you don’t recognize and can’t pronounce half of the ingredients. Do you really want to put that junk into your body? Purchasing fresh fruits, vegetables, and lean cuts of meat can be expensive and a challenge to buy on a limited income. However, by making a few simple changes to your weekly grocery list, you can improve your diet without emptying your wallet.

The following food staples are inexpensive and are a great way…

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