I love the illustration above. Most of us are unaware of  the effects on the mind and body that can occur from daily jobs, family responsibilities, and workouts. This can lead to ongoing stress, fatigue,  and sore- overworked, muscles.

Most of us look forward to the weekend to  find time to relax, restore, and spend time with loved ones. Make a point to schedule time to pamper yourself. Learn to schedule recovery time from your workouts with a relaxing Epsom Salt bath or massage. Think of the weekend as a fresh beginning and a great time to recover, restore and prepare for a successful week.  What do you want to accomplish??  What can you do to prepare to get you closer to your goals??

Follow the tips below to enjoy a successful, productive, weekend to get you recharged and ready for the week ahead.

  • RELAX- We all have busy weeks and relaxation is vital for our physical bodies as well as our mental health. We all need downtime; time to recharge and shut out all the noise. Consider unplugging or at the very least limiting your time on social media. Take this time to enjoy life’s simple pleasures, like a walk in the park, watching a movie, or just enjoying time with family.
  • RESTOREWeekly workouts can mean stiff and sore muscles. It’s important to allow recovery to rebuild and restore muscle tissue. Treat yourself with a massage, sauna time,  or  an Epsom salt bath. Pull out the foam roller and yoga mat for stretching and massaging any tight, overused muscles.
  • PREPARE-  Prepare to be successful for the upcoming week. Plan your workouts for the week and write them on your calendar. What about meals? Consider the mindset of a fitness competitor. They journal their workouts, they plan their meals, they prep their food.  That’s the key to success. Try preparing meals in advance. Cut up fresh vegetables and fruit to store in containers.  You can also prepare grilled chicken, baked potatoes and boil eggs in advance to use for quick, healthy meals during the week. Having heathy food on hand when you come home late from work can make for a successful week of good, healthy choices!

Life is all about balance!





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