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Weekend Workout And Green Smoothie



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Define The Muscle, Burn The Fat


6 mile run this weekend felt good!  The humidity was intense even at 6 am but I pushed through and got out of my comfort zone.  My legs were tired and I was definitely “running with my heart.”  My runs around 6 miles or more are great fat burning workouts for me.  I really can see more muscle definition when I combine longer runs and weight training.

I finished my run with lots of water to replenish fluids and a post run snack. IMG_20170709_150908This smoothie with avocado, spinach, and pear was delicious. I definitely moved out of my comfort zone during my run and this was a well deserved treat

After recovery, I followed up my cardio with some triceps and chest work. I did 4 sets of tricep pressdowns alternating with bosu ball close grip push ups to burn out my triceps.  triceppressdown


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Back On Track- Eat Clean, Workout, Repeat

At age 57 you definitely have to stay on top of your workouts and watch your nutritional intake.  I’ve been out of town for a week and struggled to find good food choices and cook meals.

As a fitness instructor, I generally stay pretty active during the week with my classes and my workouts.  However this week, I only got two workouts in and could feel the energy drain from my body.  Although I tried to make decent food choices, I was sure I packed on a few pounds with some of the fast food and lack of activity.  However, once I got back discovered I had actually lost a few pounds. It probably was the recovery period and change in my schedule that may have been a factor in the weight loss.

I work hard to practice mental toughness to keep me committed to my health and fitness goals.  Once you get to your goal weight and begin to increase your lean muscle mass through weight training, it becomes easier to maintain your weight.  You have to stay committed and learn to find foods and workouts that you enjoy.


I’ve found that yoga is an amazing workout to help define your abs and build core strength.  It builds strength, flexibility, and improves balance with regular practice.  Yoga combined with total body weight training and cardio interval work is the key to developing lean muscle.

Nutrition is imperative to maintain your health and fuel your workouts.  Until you learn to consistently make good food choices, you will continue to struggle with your health and fitness goals.

Here’s a workout that combines weights, cardio, and core for total body training:

Jessie's Friday WOD



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Six Pack ABS -Try My Intense AB Circuit

Ready for an intense workout that will get your heart pumping and  will help you create lean, defined abs?

It’s the weekend, don’t let it destroy your progress and hard work you put in during the week 🙂  It’s ok to plan one cheat meal but offset it with a little more activity and clean eating the rest of the day.

The abdominal muscles can be the hardest to uncover and define as it is one of the areas many people store fat.  To see definition in the abs requires a clean diet and a workout plan that includes cardio, weight training and core work.  Check out my ab circuit that will help get you started.  20170613_075037


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Killer Friday Workout

Ready for a kick butt workout to start your weekend off right?  This 125 REP CHALLENGE workout is for you. Start with a one mile run on the treadmill on a incline (suggested incline is 5 but adjust according to your fitness level)  If you are not a runner, walk some hills for 10 minutes. After that start the cardio strength intervals. Complete each exercise with very little rest between sets.  Perform the circuit 3-4 times depending on fitness level.  Remember to select a weight for each exercise that challenges you and makes it difficult to complete the last few reps.


Jessie's Friday WOD


Remember results come from hard work and consistency in your workouts followed up with good food choices!  LET’S DO THIS!


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Improve Your Health; Prepare For Success

Prepare for a great week. Buy plenty of fresh fruits and veggies for juices and smoothies this week. Plan your workouts in advance and write them on the calendar. Let’s get started. Here is a great beginning for your Monday 🙂

Try my circuit workout to boost your metabolism with interval training. Follow up with my Chocolate Cherry Recovery Smoothie:

Cup of Organic spinach

1/2 organic banana

1/2 cup organic cherries

8 oz almond milk

Scoop organic chocolate protein